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Описание:  YouTune is the new handlebar mounted controller putting a technological revolution in your hands. A compact and innovative calibration device allowing to customize your bike’s performance in real time, whether you are on the street or on a race track. To be purchased as a separate accessory for installation with Rapid Bike EVO and Rapid Bike RACING modules. AIR/FUEL PARAMETERS MANAGEMENT to optimize carburetion in real time thanks to the possibility of changing auto-adaptive target value for fueling corrections ELECTRONIC QUICK SHIFTER MANAGEMENT to change the injection kill time SHOWING MAIN ENGINE PARAMETERS including RPM, TPS, AFR, OEM Lambda Status, etc. ENGINE BRAKE MANAGEMENT* to change and modulate the effects of engine brake TRACTION CONTROL ACTIVATION AND MANAGEMENT* to enable Traction Control function and change all related settings to increase or decrease its effectiveness LAUNCH CONTROL ACTIVATION AND MANAGEMENT* to enable and modulate the settings allowing to perform a ‘flying start’ * Available only on Rapid Bike Racing module

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