V2Mal - SportBike Tyre Down


Tyre Down makes transporting your bike easier and less damaging.

Instead of securing your bike with multiple straps from various points on the bike, Tyre Down secures it solely from the rear wheel.

If you've ever trailered a bike and spent the entire journey firing glances at the rear view mirror to make sure your bike is still clinging on, you'll really appreciate the benefit of one of these.

Not only is it quick and simple to use, it holds a motorcycle in place better than anything developed before or since.

Stress over, Tyre Down™ is here.

-No Compression of the suspension
-No Pressure on seals means you can leave bike strapped overnight
-No Scratching or bending of the handlebars
-No need for a fork saver
-Quick and simple to use

To see just how quick and simple it is to use, take a look at the demonstration videos by clicking on the links in bold below.

Loading a road bike

Unloading a road bike

Front wheel restraint

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Статус: По поръчка

Цена: 156.00 BGN